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From Morton Street to Midtown – Soooo many buildings. Sooo little space.

The view to Midtown and the Empire State Building from Morton Street in the West Village.

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Rugs here, get your New York rugs here!

Something about this rug made me feel like I was standing in Manhattan’s living room, and instead of sitting down to be entertained by a television, I only had to observe my surroundings.

(Another iPhone photo, by the way. I’m really starting to think it’s the best camera I own because I always have it with me.)

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Manhattan Snow Piles Up Over Time

Snow Piles Up Over Time

Now that we’re in the middle of an icy, wet, sleety mess it’s the perfect time to reflect on the snow that was — in those early hours when the first flakes fell, to inch after inch, covering the city as the days and nights went on. It was debilitating, but at least it was pretty.

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Favorite New York City Photos of 2010

This weekend I went through all of the photos I’ve taken this year. Way more than I thought. In fact I can’t believe how many it is, yet still feel like I’ve not even cracked the surface of New York City.  Here the ones that got the most clicks, were picked up by Gothamist and other sites, or that I just like for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy them, and would love your comments on which you like the best.

Click Here to View My Top NYC Photos of 2010 Flickr Photo Set.

And few of the shots can be purchased at my ETSY store.

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Oh To Be a Kid Again

Walking home tonight through Washington Square Park tonight I was struck by a few kids playing in the fountain. So much fun!

This is what it looked like when I first walked up…

But with one walk around, just a few feet from this spot, I found this…


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92 Degrees. Head for the Pier!

 Man, it was hot yesterday!  At lunch I looked to Christopher St. pier as a breezy escape. Bad idea. No shade, no breeze, breathing labored in the heavy air.  Most were clearly dressed for the weather.  Do they have jobs?  Us business casuals baked up and down the boardwalk. 

After walking for 5 minutes I felt the need to jump in the water.  Head first.  Bring it on, Hudson.  But I pulled back — stuck a hand in the fountain and closed my eyes. Paradise, almost.

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The Beauty of Downtown Manhattan

Looking at Manhattan from this angle you’d swear cars never honk.

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Warm Weather Brings Out the Sounds of New York City

I noticed something when the sun went down last night on the Hudson – I wasn’t freezing to death! In fact, it was a beautiful night. And aside from the welcomed warmth, I noticed that the weather brought new sounds as well.  Cyclists now wooshed along the West Side pathway. Joggers chatted in between breaths. All the while, I fixated on the Hudson River sunset.

Cars rushed south on the West Side Highway. In winter, they greedily hold in heat and sound. Tonight, windows were down and even as commuters blew past me, I could hear music coming from their systems. Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, and even a quick hit of Aretha Franklin at one point.  Of course if you’re on the phone or eager for a moment’s peace, this isn’t cool.  But, for anyone who like’s to sing “sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me,” forever on end, hey, that sound bite of Aretha is all you need.

When the cars were still, the sound of kids playing on brightly lit astroturf fields filled the air. Coaches blew their whistles and called out instructions. Their energy radiated to all who passed by, probably pausing to remember when they were just a kid on a field, dreaming of going pro some day.  All the while, the city skyline, quiet as the clouds, speaks louder to New Yorkers than all the joggers, cars and soccer-playing kids combined.

Here comes spring in New York City.

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