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Take a picture

No particular reason, just because.

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Good Night Empire State Building, Good Night Chrysler Building

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Ode to the New York City Business Man

They head the call of progress.  Of duty.  Of the wild.  Ok, not that.  But they do spring out of subways, like this Christopher Street Path Train, into an uncertain world.

They walk past monuments erected for the triumphs of our forefathers — those who set the wheels in motion and whose great vision has inspired millions.  And then there is this guy…

Even when he walks down a quiet West Village street he  barks instructions into a, wait, what is that thing??? Is that a full headset?   Let’s take a closer look…

I can’t concentrate anymore. I’m done. Have fun at work!

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West Village Snow Photos

Just a couple shots from lunch. Taken in the West Village of New York City.

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