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Empire State of Commuting

This blog started because I wanted to document my morning commute.  Then it morphed into a quasi photo blog and now, well, I really don’t know what it is other than a virtual wall I throw stuff at every now and then to see if it sticks. This morning, as I crossed over Broadway and 22nd, I realized that I’ve never done a post about the Empire State Building.  What???

I suppose I’ve been too intent on finding the little things, the New York nuances, the unheralded oddities that make me think twice.  But I’d be remiss to walk past this scene every day and not say here, pubilcly, to my seven regular readers, that seeing the Empire State Building every day is a real gift.

I guess you have to invest as much attention on the significance of the big things in life as in seeking out the small things. Just another commute.

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Beautiful Evening on the East Side

So the west side of Manhattan gets the sunsets. I’m fine with that. I can deal.  Especially on nights like tonight when the setting sun illuminates the clouds over the East River.  I was running after work and had to stop to snap a few shots. Thank you, iPhone and hipstamatic!  A couple treatments, so tell me which one you like best.

Click each to see larger files.

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Brooklyn Bridge Stroll

A great idea shared by, oh, ten thousand other people. Still, a special way to start the weekend.

bridge, brooklyn bridge, iconic bridges, new york city

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Cool Building in the West Village

Who wouldn’t want to live in an ivy-covered building in the heart of the West Village?  This one is at 11th and Greenwich.  Pretty awesome.


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New York Photographic Memories

Lonely Snowy New York Street, originally uploaded by marc.cappelletti.

I was going through my iPhone this morning and found this shot from the last snow storm we had. Something about it just spoke to me, and not because I liked the shot, but because I had forgotten that I even took it. So many times our memories betray us. Sometimes by skewing the facts, other times by cutting out altogether. Photography is one of the only tools we have to capture our memories as they were, and then have the ability to tweak them ever so slightly. Or, as it is not a black and white world, adjust them in a more profound way, to layer on another dimension of feeling to the memory.

Go through your phone and computer often and revisit photos, your visual journals. You may find memories you never thought you had. And that’s a good way to spend a gloomy Saturday in the city, any city..

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Take a picture

No particular reason, just because.

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New York City Snowtography

If you made it out of your apartment this morning you probably noticed that, in between awkward slips and hesitant steps, everyone was taking photos of the snow.  It’s a pretty snow (for now).  The kind that clings to tree branches and accents buildings like icing on gingerbread houses.  Great for photography.  In some places, it was actually more difficult to navigate around the photographers than the snow banks. Yes, I was one of those people slowing down your commute.  Hopefully these shots give you enough reason to forgive me for clogging the sidewalks…

Winter Serenity in Gramercy Park

Snow Paparazzi Line Up to Shoot Madison Square Park

Mine is Bigger.


No way, dude.

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New York City Snowstorm Brings Arctic Visitors

New York City Snowstorm, originally uploaded by marc.cappelletti.

If you live in Manhattan I’m sure you’ll agree that getting to work this morning felt more like an Arctic expedition than a commute. For me, this is appropriate, considering that I work for Lindblad Expeditions. We, in alliance with National Geographic, offer expeditions to the world’s wildest places, including the Arctic.

The streets and sidewalks of lower Manhattan are covered with 10 inches to waist-high drifts of white powder. The wind stings. There is an eerie silence in the air. By the time I walked from 21st and 3rd to our office in the West Village I didn’t think it would be too much of a stretch to combine these two wintery geographies. Maybe I was suffering from snow sickness (that’s a thing, right?), but I figured that if I saw two polar bears walking down fifth avenue it wouldn’t seem that out of place.

Two plastic ones on our rooftop was the best I could do. Enjoy the snowy day.

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How to Beat the Heat in New York City

Can you think of a better way?

Kids play in the fountain at Washington Square Park, NYC.

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Hello Sunshine!

Two beautiful days in a row in New York City. If only sunshine meant warmth!

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Gates with Personality

You’ve heard of a door man. Well, I spied a gate man on Hudson Street in the West Village.

Click the image to view it in the I Spy NYC Etsy store.

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Clean and Dirty

Clean and Dirty, originally uploaded by marc.cappelletti.

Sometimes a scene will stop you in your tracks. This laundry among a sea of graffiti did it to me. Even though these buildings are covered in graffiti, there’s something beautiful about them too. You’ll have to check it out. As you walk across the Manhattan Bridge over to Brooklyn (or the other direction), get on the downtown-facing side. You can’t miss it.

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