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New York City Snowstorm Brings Arctic Visitors

New York City Snowstorm, originally uploaded by marc.cappelletti.

If you live in Manhattan I’m sure you’ll agree that getting to work this morning felt more like an Arctic expedition than a commute. For me, this is appropriate, considering that I work for Lindblad Expeditions. We, in alliance with National Geographic, offer expeditions to the world’s wildest places, including the Arctic.

The streets and sidewalks of lower Manhattan are covered with 10 inches to waist-high drifts of white powder. The wind stings. There is an eerie silence in the air. By the time I walked from 21st and 3rd to our office in the West Village I didn’t think it would be too much of a stretch to combine these two wintery geographies. Maybe I was suffering from snow sickness (that’s a thing, right?), but I figured that if I saw two polar bears walking down fifth avenue it wouldn’t seem that out of place.

Two plastic ones on our rooftop was the best I could do. Enjoy the snowy day.

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A Manhattan Morning in Spring

From the banks of the East River…

to the peaks of the Midtown skyline…

the sun brings life to Manhattan.  This morning, dogs and their walkers stretched their legs to work off the winter chill.

And flowers, stretched their petals to soak up the sun’s invigorating rays. No doubt, they will be more radiant tomorrow.

It was another beautiful Manhattan morning.

(The first shot was taken Monday morning.)

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New Yorkers Hit the Hudson to View “Smoking River”

(The shot above ended up being featured by the great people at Gothamist.com!)


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Christopher Street Pier Reigns as Warm Weather Hangout

How cool is it to work in New York City and be able to talk your shoes off and chill out on a dog-free lawn along the Hudson?  Yes, I said dog-free. Not that I don’t love the little guys, but I’d rather not lay in their stuff while I’m trying to catch some quick rays before retreating to my cubicle. The Christopher Street Pier and surrounding grassy areas along the West Side Highway is the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun.  Even on Friday, it was bikinis and bathing suits galore. No, I did not take pictures of them.

The grass is so nice I wish I had my wedge and a few golf balls to play around with. But, if the parks people zip around in their mini Urkel-mobiles to tell people to get their dogs off the grass I’m sure they’d have a few words for the guy hacking chunks out and yelling “fore!” at passers by.

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West Village Snow Photos

Just a couple shots from lunch. Taken in the West Village of New York City.

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If Only New York City Could Dig Out Airplanes

This pretty much sums it up. Weather.com says the snow is supposed to stop some time late tonight or tomorrow morning. 12-18 inches of the stuff piling up. I already received a call from American Airlines saying my flight at 6 tonight is cancelled. So this post goes out to all those with cancelled flights!

Grab some chili, a beer, and lets hope our rescheduled flights get out on time!

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The Storms Keep Rolling In

Not much respite from the rain here in New York City — though this afternoon the clouds have cleared and we are experiencing a nice day. The storms are supposed to continue and it will rain more. Those of you who live and work without a view towards New Jersey don’t get to see these storms approaching like I do. This is what they look like (Wednesday), taken from the rooftop of my office building in the West Village.

Storm Cloud Comes in From Jersey

Storm Cloud Comes in From Jersey

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“Rain Must Stop,” Says New York Flowers

Hanging their heads in utter defeat, even New York City’s striking spring flowers (like these seen at 21st and Park Ave.) have succumed to the persistent onslaught of dampness, darkness and downpours. 

Enough rain already!

Enough rain already!

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Creative Weather in NYC

Tired of the persistent rain in the Northeast?  So am I.  And apparently so is the New York 4 weather team because this week’s forecast doesn’t include one mention of rain. Will it rain? Heck yeah.  They’ve just stopped using the word.

Mon – Quite Damp

Tue – Still moist

Wed – Drying Out

Thu – Showers Return

Fri – A little Milder

Sat – Late Day Drops

Sun – Mixed Sky

This is the actual week-long forecast from this morning (5/3/09). Each corresponding photo (except for Wed) – whether it is “still moist” or we’ll see “late day drops” – still looks like rain to me.

Way to go NY4 — you are the most creative weather team on the air!

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An Open Letter to Manhattan’s West Side Wind

Dear West Side Wind,


We’ve got to do something about your recent behavior.  What happened, man?  You were so nice this summer, blowing gently on warm days, taking the edge off when the temperature rose past comfortable. Remember September and October?  You were perfect. You made Midtown jealous and east village hipsters feel even more like the man was out to get them. We were tight, you and me.


But lately you’ve been out of control. There’s no other way to put it. Your blinding gusts are freezing faces and making the tiny West Village micro-breed dogs shiver their hypoallergenic fur off. It’s some harsh behavior, man. Especially when it’s this cold out already!


If this is a recognition thing, I know you think no one sees you, but we do. Every morning, as soon as I cross over Broadway I start to see the flags flapping a little harder. I see the gutter trash shifting. I see the cups rocking back and forth. I know you’re working.


There must be some sort of happy medium we can agree upon.  Because if you keep gusting so harshly on the west side someone eventually will put up a wall or more buildings or something to keep you from turning us into grimacing icecubes. Then where we all be? Remember, my friend, slow and steady wins the race.


Lastly, and then I’m done, do you remember last week on Christopher Street when you knocked that guy’s hat off his head? And I went to reach for it only to lose my balance and nearly fall on my face? Not cool, man. I looked like an idiot.

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Does this snow taste salty to you?

The plows are out. The salt is down. New York is getting hammered with snow (by east coast standards) but people are still getting to work however they see fit.

Commuting biker

Commuting biker

We’re supposed to get another 4 inches today, pushing the snow tally to 8-10 inches in the city, more elsewhere. But it pails in comparison to the largest single snowfall ever in New York (link).  Actually, it’s a little less than half. 26 inches is the record, set in 2006.

Plow skims the surface

Plow skims the surface

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New York Colder than Antarctica (12.22.08)

I wish I was in Antarctica, where it’s warmer today. I’m not kidding. I checked the temperature. At a frigid 15 degrees (feels like -4), New York City is 20 degrees colder than Antarctica, which at McMerdo station is supposed to be 35 today. You could hop on a cruise ship and find yourself amid soaring glaciers and ice flows and you’d still be warmer than in Times Square.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was -129F and the coldest temp recorded in New York was -52F in 1979. I can’t really believe that but it’s in a USA Today article here.

Weekend NYC Snow

Weekend NYC Snow

Antarctica last week, courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions and photographer Sisse Brimberg

Antarctica last week, courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions and photographer Sisse Brimberg

Snow at Gramercy Park

Snow at Gramercy Park this morning.

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